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Welcome! I am so pleased that you have come to my website. I hope that somehow, someway, there is some part of my book that has touched you or a loved one. I thank God for the opportunity to use my story as a source of encouragement and inspiration to others. I would love to hear from you, so please sign my guestbook. And, remember, the best way to achieve a goal -- any goal -- is one step at a time.
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Frank D Jennings


Thank- you for the hope you gave me now thanks to I 'm finshing my GED so that I can soon attend a film school in the future. Like you I lost my mother at an early age but God gave mer so mothers to give me hope that I can do anything if I put God first and have gret people who love and care for you by your side. Thanks for the hope

Phyllis from Detroit


WOW! I just finished reading your book. I have never
been so emotionally drawn into someone's life story
like this before. God bless you for your wonderful
accomplis hments. Praise the Lord that you didn't die
when you were using. God truly had his hand on you.
May God continue to bless you tremendously!

sinead cunningham


hi, cup im sinead. i am 15 years old and i live in atlanta ga,. i was charged with simple battery. and i was told to read your book and do a book report in order to avoid going to jail :rolleyes: i am so motivated by you and the way you over came all the bad things that you went through in life. i was sooooooo mad when you told the world what pete had done to you. i wish i knew pete i would have beat him ike he stole somthing. and what really ticked me off is when connie and the other kids jumped you and killed you baby. how could anyone do such a thing.:mad: you should have told the police so they could have went on to jail. you are my role model and im support'n you cup.,we are behind you 100% WE LOVE YOU:D



;)Hi Cup,
I know you're a little behind in answering email so I just wanted to make sure I let you know how much of an inspiration your are. I would very much like for you to speak at my organizationís (Los Angels Area Women, LAAW) annual luncheon, Motherís Day weekend 2007. I have sent an email with the request as well.

Hope you say yes and to hear from you soon.

April Jackson



:eek::eek:There are no words to describe my feelings at this time.....I'm just speechless and can hardly put the book down!! I would love to meet you one day and/or attend one of your speaking engagements. My email is: Speechless.....

Kanethia Williams



I was completely moved by your story and shed many tears after finishing the book. You have given me the strength to know that I can accomplish anything if I set my mind to it. I have NO excuse not to persue all of my dreams and will think of your story whenever I start to doubt myself or feel like I can't go on. THANK YOU! :D

Deborah ;)


Hi Cupcake! I loved your book! The first time I heard of you and your book was on Tavis Smiley. The night that I heard that interview, I knew that I would have to read your book. I didn't write it down. Your name and the name of your book are so similar that when I happened to see the book I instantly knew that I had to get it! Wow! You are one cool, dynamic chick! I love your writing style. You make your readers feel like they are right there with you throughout the whole story. I cried and cried and (mostly at the beginning of your story) and wasn't sure if I could get through it because it brought up so much hurt from my life with similar experiences. Once I got past the crying, I was laughing! You are so witty and interesting! I am so glad that you were encouraged to tell your story. I could relate to you so much. I have been working on myself my whole life to overcome and persevere through it all. I have two suggestions:a movie and a sequel!!! Love you Cupcake!!!-;) Romans 8:28



I purchased your book a week ago for a book club that I recently joined. As I began to read your story, I did not know if I would be able to complete the book because of your experiences, but felt I had to continue because of the "book club". As I continued to read, I wondered what else could go wrong (and it did) but began to realize that with everything you've been through, your book will touch and change many lives. As I read the last page this evening, I cried tears of joy for your remarkable story of triumph and the movement of God in your life. Thank you for sharing your story with us! I am now motivated me to "STEAL IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!" ;.
May God continue to keep and bless you,



I was so moved by your book, it made me laugh, it made me but must of all it made me believe there is still hope for those who fall. It's all about believing that he will get you through the rough times.

Laura Lee


I really enjoyed reading your book. I found your experience to be very encouraging and uplifting. I feel that we are truly sisters connected not only in Recovery, but also as women who are achieving their goals despite obstacles of our past. I just want you to know that I love you and love what you have done and are still doing. I hope to one day meet you for you are truly a Great Lady. I have truly been give more hope and encouragement through reading your book. I will receive my Bachelors Degree this May, in Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling. I plan on continueing on and getting my Masters. You have given me so much hope, you will never know. I truly admire you. I pray that God will continue to bless and use you that you may continue to inspire others.