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Welcome! I am so pleased that you have come to my website. I hope that somehow, someway, there is some part of my book that has touched you or a loved one. I thank God for the opportunity to use my story as a source of encouragement and inspiration to others. I would love to hear from you, so please sign my guestbook. And, remember, the best way to achieve a goal -- any goal -- is one step at a time.
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Ms. Brown,I just finshed reading your book which I enjoyed tremendously! I am a Director for the Boys&Girls Clubs in Hartford, Ct. Targeted Outreach At Risk Youth. In my program I actually come across young girls whom have endured similiar situations. We have many young women here in Hartford and it would be such a pleasure if some of them could ever get a chance to meet you and see for themselves that they too have a chance in life! If you are ever in this area or would like to come and visit us please do! Again I don't know you just know of you and I am proud of you!Sincerely,jbethe






Ms. Brown, Thank you for writing your memoir. It was a blessing to me and I'm sure to many others who have heard or read about your life story. I read your book in a bout 2 days - I couldn't put it down!

Continued blessings!



Hi Cupcake,I'm not even finished with your book but had to stop and look at your website. I bought it yesterday and could barely work because I just wanted to come home and finish it. I'm about 200 pages into your book and can't believe all that you have been through. I'll have three years sober next month and have kind of fell behind on going to meetings and this book has inspired me to get involved again. Of course, I need to finish the book first ;) Thank you so much for your honesty and everything you are doing to help others. You are an inspiration.

Jezzabelle, UK


Hi Cupcake!

I literally read your book in one day, I just couldnt put it down! I would like to say your journey through life has been an inspirational tale, you truly are proof that you can come out of bad experiences shining. I hope all the people that put you down in life are kicking themselves now knowing that youve proved them all wrong.
Heres to you and your success, you've earned every bit of it, and if you come to the UK Ill definitely be there to hear you speak. :)



Cupcake your book was truly a page turner. i felt like i was right there with you. You painted such a vivid picture. You truly have a literary gift. You have inspired both my fiance and me. i purchased the book and then he decided he wanted to read it the same time i was reading it and he ended up finishing it before i did. You have made my faith in God even stronger than it already was. The phrase Thank You can not adequately express the grattitude for the gift of this book you have given to us Ms. Cupcake God Bless You .;)

hayley from England


The same way God had picked the disciples years ago to give hope and insiration i really do believe you are a modern day version. i have just this minute finished reading your book and it has left an imprint on my heart to know all the pain and suffering you went through, but has made me see life different that nothing is impossible no matter how bad it gets.
thank you for your book you are amazing
hayley xxx

Rhiana, Toleledo OH


Hello Miss Cup,
I'd like to say this has got to be the most extraordinary book i've ever read. You really make your readers feel as though they were right there in the passenger seat as we read your journey through life. .... I felt like i watched you grow from an innocent helpless child into the beautiful , insprirational woman you have become today...... I haven't began my next book yet because i'm still trying to digest YOURS....... And i was wondering if you think of that police officer often, the one that sat you on the bench and told you how special you were..? , you never mentioned him again.

Linda Mattox


Hi Cupcake,

I just finished reading your book and I am so proud of you. You went through a horrible test to get an awesome testimony.

I am so glad that with the help of our Lord you didn't let the Dianes' and her sick nephew succeed in destroying your life. You are more than a survivor, you are a conqueror. I am currently in school pursuing a degree at age 40+ and you have inspired me to seek a degree which will enable me to be an advocate for children.

God is truly using you to deliver his message that all things are possible through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank God for your testimony and Congratulations on your recovery!

Harry M. Hayes


Hello Cup,

I just finished reading your wonderful autobiography; I found the first part of the book to be rather sad. You were treated horribly in the early part of your life. Nevertheless, you showed great fortitude in over coming the adversity that you had to endure after the untimely death of your mother.

Your stupendous rise almost from ashes to become a lawyer with one of the top law firm in the country is a great inspiration to me. I am quite sure whoever read your book will find it as
exhilarating as I have.

My life was not as bad as yours, but it was not a piece of cake either. I completed high shool and college at night at an advanced age. After reading your book, lookout law school! I will be knocking on your door.